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Security-in-childhood - criteria

As in the case of the other baskets, our approach is primarily normative. So we do not start
from actual behaviours of children and youngsters, but rather from the underlying needs and
requirements of the age group concerned. Guidelines and recommendations are derived from
the International Convention on the Rights of the Child. This convention was signed by world
leaders in 1989 and has since been ratified by all countries with the exception of two. The
rights laid down in the convention are minimal. National legislation takes precedence if it
grants more extensive rights.

For the specific Flemish context, we use the Flemish Youth Policy Plan to determine how
children’s rights are translated into concrete policy goals. As normative standards are not
always concrete and comprehensive, we also involved youth policy experts in compiling the
security-in-childhood basket. By means of a Delphi procedure, we arrived at a justifiable and
carefully considered list of items.




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