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Housing - criteria

There are three universal criteria that each dwelling must fulfil in order that the health of the occupants would not be jeopardised (Doyal, L, Gough, I., 1991).

First and foremost, the dwelling must offer its occupants security and protection, both against the elements and against pests and bearers of disease.

Second, a dwelling must be conducive to a hygienic lifestyle.

And third, it must be sufficiently spacious.

These general criteria of adequate housing were operationalised in accordance with Flemish standards relying on a number of indicators proposed by researchers of the Research Centre for Spatial Planning and Housing (Buyst et al, 2007). They drew up a list of indicators for measuring evolutions in the quality of housing in Flanders. The starting point for these indicators was the stipulation in the Flemish Housing Code that “everyone has the right to housing. To this end, the availability of suitable housing, of a good quality, in a decent living environment, at an affordable price and with sufficient housing security, must be enhanced” (Art. 3 VWC).




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